Community Projects

  1. Automl template with TransmogrifAI for PredictionIO by @takezoe - blog, code
  2. PimaIndians Diabetes Detection using TransmogrifAI by @rajdeepd - blog, code
  3. Simple Regression with TransmogrifAI by @rajdeepd - blog, code
  4. Build your own automl with 100 lines of code by @albertod - blog
  5. Machine Learning for All by @albertod - blog
  6. Building ML Apps simplified with AutoML by @ajayborra, @hims_mittal - blog, code
  7. TAML: automatically train a “good” predictive model given only a CSV dataset by @crupley - code
  8. Using TransmogrifAI to predict income level from census data by @anushalihala - code
  9. MNIST: image classification with TransmogrifAI by @ajayborra - code